The Human Spirit


This painting is about our will and our tenacity to overcome the greatest of adversities.

It is a metaphor and everything in it represents something of significance.

The Light Shining Through in the background represents hope. It signifies how even in our most difficult times, hope can cut through the darkness.

The Alley represents the world we live in and the difficulties we face in our lives. It speaks of chaos, uncertainty, fear, depression and every other all-consuming negativity that would make us feel like The Walls are closing in on us.

The Flaming Lion represents the greatness we carry deep within ourselves and the manifestation of it as we go through challenging times. The lion might be in an alley, but the alley does not reduce the lion to an alley cat. The lion will still remain the king of the jungle, fierce and bold, regardless of circumstance. So your trials will never dictate who or what you are when you realise your own self-worth and your ability to overcome those hardships. It is about moving forward in life and becoming the person that you were meant to be.

Category: Africa Themed