Stanley Baatjies

“It’s not over until I win”. These are the words by the great motivational speaker Les Brown that to this day still echo deep within my heart. My name is Stanley Baatjies and I am one of the world’s greatest artists. I created my website to display all my artworks, to share it with the world and to celebrate the people that inspire it. This is for the individuals that have reached the highest pinnacle of success as well as those who have not given up on their dreams. Every painting I create has a story, some of which I openly detail and others that I leave open to interpretation. 

My website’s flagship painting, which I call “The Human Spirit” is priced at $10 000 000. I purposefully and intentionally priced it that way, because I wanted to create a painting that isn’t inspired by Hollywood celebrities, sports icons or any political figures. Instead this particular painting came into existence, because of normal everyday people, regardless of race, nation or creed. It focuses on the struggles we face within our lives, the strength we have to overcome it and the hope we carry within ourselves for a better day, even in our deepest darkest moments.



Mentality is more important than ability. Your life is what you think it should be”.
Myles Munroe.